Corporate Communication

For Dielle Building communication is important: it is essential to transmit you the way we work and get you involved into our reality.

Therefore, we think it is important that your business works properly to communicate with potential customers and we want to help you to make this happen.

Types of communication

Our experts are committed to creating tools that can promote the best internal and external company communication:


Everything starts from a good internal organization.

Communicating in a clear and simple way with all the departments of the company can represent a solid basis to build consistency and avoid misunderstandings.
If  inside the company relationships are relaxed, this will ensure positive output.
On the contrary, if confusion stands at the basis it will be difficult to communicate in a clear and orderly manner.

On this purpose, we offer you a signs making service that allows you to orientate and which organizes the internal style of the company, from the initial manufacturing of the materials to the final message (see INTERNAL SIGNAL).


It is the further step. Once strengthened internal communication, you can think about the organization of the external one.

When talking about external company communication, we refer to an informative and persuasive system that aims to increase the success – and consequently the sales – of the company brand.
For this reason, using the correct external company communication tools is crucial to reach potential customers.

The solution

Dielle Building also creates advertising  and informative panels, useful for sending the right message to the public, to  attract and activate it in the right direction: the one desired by your company.

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