Advertising Banners

Dielle Building, in line with its range of services, also deals with the creation of long-term advertising banners, absolutely resistant to weather conditions.

They are a tool suitable for advertising campaigns and events. Unlike other kinds of promotion, they allow you to reach the general public without spending much money.

Moreover, you can freely choose the print you prefer, whether it is composed of images only, writes or both.
The company brand or logo will always be in the foreground and, thanks to our technologies, the resolution will not be a problem: whatever the colours used or the size of the banner, we will optimise it.

Personalized banners, in line with every type of request of our customers’, can satisfy the most particular or whimsical needs. Customisable tarns, for effective communication in every sector and application.

The solution

Advertising banners can be made using different materials, even if we of Dielle Building always recommend our PVC banners for the exceptional features of this material:

  • versatile (it is possible to produce banners with different levels of rigidity),
  • protective (it is waterproof to both liquids and gases and vapours),
  • stable and inert,
  • long-lasting (it lasts for many years),
  • safe (it has insulating properties, so it can resist to both fire and to chemical agents)
  • and, very important for our customers, it is cheap and environmentally-friendly (in fact, it has  excellent cost / performance ratio and it has low energy consumption and low environmental impact).

There are many examples of our work in important contexts.
As an example, our realisations of advertising banners have been used during EXPO (and also by TIM and the famous circuit of the Best Western).

Advertising banners: prices

Cheap advertising banners are among the most frequent requests we receive and, of course, Dielle Building never backs down: we offer our cheap PVC banners as the best solution on the market. Try it and see.

We print PVC tarp, both for indoors and outdoors, for building roofs or scaffolding (even large ones), taking care of the graphics and of the positioning, so that they can be seen even at long distances.

Of course there are a lot of different solutions, all customisable.
Graphics and dimension of the advertising banners can vary a lot and, according to this, the cost of the final product may vary too, but in any case highly value for money.

To create your personalised and cheap advertising banners please contact us here, we will find the right solution for you, at an amazing price!

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