Advertising Standards

Promotion through Advertising standards are one of the most effective methods to draw the glances of potential customers, as well as to ensure high visibility of the brand and, more generally, of the company’s image.

Advertising standards: Effective advertising campaign

Advertising standards, for the less expert, are those advertising tarps that we usually find on exposed public lightings and on the sides of main roads, reporting high levels of impact on observers, whether walking or driving. This is mainly due to the constant variety of the proposed messages.

They can have very different dimensions (small, medium, large or very large) and are kept by two rigid linear supports. As for the terms of exposure, standards are generally displayed on a monthly basis.

This external communication tool is very effective, especially for very specific and customised advertising campaigns. Stamdards can in fact be positioned grouped or in rapid sequence; they can also be organized on the basis of the client’s need, according to the coverage of the area and the targets to which they wish to aim.

Regulations on Advertising

It is well known that, with regard to advertising, there are some rules that the Italian State adopts both to limit and to tax this activity.


  • You talk of ADVERTISING SIGN ON PRIVATE SOIL when you want to install an advertising system within a private property that is not on community ground.
    With reference to this, it is established that the advertising systems must have dimensions not exceeding 12 square meters; they must be placed at a distance of 40 metres from each other if they are located in an area not parallel to the road axis; at 15 metres if located in a parallel area; at least 20 metres from road crosses with traffic lights. Finally, advertising systems can be installed on enclosure walls as long as they do not exceed 50% application on the fence front.


  • Otherwise, you are talking of COUNCIL ADVERTISMENT TAX. The relevant legislation assumes that, in order to apply this tax on advertising, the message is shown in public places, open to the public or exposed to the public, in the exercise of a commercial activity. Object of the tax is the availability of the advertising medium and the installation of the same is subject to authorization issued by the Municipality.

The solution

Dielle Building, aware of everything that concerns the production of advertising standards, offers advanced technological solutions and takes care of a series of services ranging from the inspection – which is followed by a first free quotation – to the production, the installation and the testing, passing through the conception, the design, and the request of the necessary authorizations and compliance checks.

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