Vehicle Decoration

Dielle Building, a leader in the field of neon signs, is also specialized in cars or vans wrapping.

The decoration of vehicles is another advertising and informative channel, a market strategy that is realised by wrapping, totally or partially, a vehicle which, once covered, becomes actually a real advertising billboard on the move.

Born on the very purpose of advertising your company, this technique has become a popular way to customise your own vehicle.

Our mission is to offer our customers a technologically advanced and up-to-date service. In fact, business vehicles are the reflection of the company itself and enhancing it is successful marketing strategy.

This is way Dielle Building commits to disigning advertising writes for business cars or vans, a suitable solution for all kinds of vehicles.

The solution

As said, car wrapping is addressed to any sector and veichle.
We here want to highlight all the peculiar features of this technique which granted it a place in the top list of the advertising channels:

We can make writes, drawings and graphics of various kind at the express request of the customer. Of course, the company’s distinctive logo will be reproduced faithfully on the vehicle that will be representing it;

A widespread analysis of the available surface is carried out in order  to study the most suitable and  feasible solutions, that must be in in line with  the customer’s request  and, at the same time, with what the vehicle can actually “host”;

All the most innovative graphic decal techniques are employed with both intaglio and digital printing and the result is a latest generation film that, once applied to the veichle, does not ruin the surface but, on the contrary, acts as a protection;

Our print also uses thermo-transfer for particular four-chrome yields, as well as vinyl-ink paintings.

car wrapping di auto o furgoni.

Complete service

Car wrapping can be both permanent and temporary, usually according to its purpose, linked for example to an advertising campaign, rather than to a specific event. In these cases, Dielle Building offers to the customer different solutions, useful to meet every need.

In particular, to customise a single event we recommend choosing removable stickers together with films that allow to restore the vehicle to its original condition, without any damage or difficulty.

Of course, everything is made after  an initial personal consultation carried out  by highly qualified personnel, to verify and study the best solution for each single case.

Car wrapping: how much it costs

The cost of car wrapping depends mainly on the choice of the materials to be used for the vehicle decoration: the type of film is above all. A second element is certainly the volume of the vehicle.

Prices may vary a lot, but do not worry!
At Dielle Building we have the right solution for you without having to face astronomical prices.

Contact us for information, or write us by specifying “car wrapping prices” leaving your number, we will contact you straight away.

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