Window Decals and Shop Window Setting

In order to give more visibility to your store or business, the window decals are one of the most effective solutions.

Window decals: what they are

When we talk about a window decal we need to make a consideration: many people do not know this technical term, so a clarification is necessary.

The window decals cover the shop window setting, so it concerns the commercial field.

The window decals meaning: it consists of a vinyl sheet, a printed film with various decorations and colored writing, applicable to the shop window or windows, through the sticking or electrostatic technique.

To be effective, decorative window decals should have a clear and pleasant design, able to communicate in the best way the message that you want to transmit, as well as to give the best of visibility to the brand.

For this reason images, logos and writes must be carefully studied to ensure a result able to draw attention without getting the reader bored. A clear and effective result, and, to be conveyed, according to the request, in original way.

Tailor-made decals for display windows

Customised window decals are, as said, graphically personalised promotional messages.

They are are planned and, then, applied to the chosen surfaces in order to meet the requirements of each client. They suit all required functions, whether they are clear advertising messages or simple decorative window stickers to make a showcase aesthetically more attractive:

ADVERTISING DECALS: through the insertion of promotional writes, this type of set-up has the primary function of communicating an offer or simply identifying the sales period;

DECORATIVE DECALS: images are used mainly. We generally use this kind of decals on particular events (eg Christmas, Easter, Women’s Day …).

The solution

A window decal can be realized in many different ways: it can reproduce a classic geometric shape such as a rectangle or a circle, within which an image or a message (or both) is placed.
It can also be shaped directly on the basis of the images and the write that you want to reproduce.

Thanks to the continuous discovery of new materials and innovative techniques, you can request window decals with amazing graphics, and with visibility on both sides, both on the outside and on the inside of the window. In any case, Dielle Building ensures the communicative effectiveness of its products, transforming a simple setting into a unique  graphic experience.

If you are sick of traditional proposals, contact us here, we will show you we can make the difference, starting from your shop window up to a radical change of your company image (see REBRANDING).

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