Neon Signs

Do you need to show up? Dielle Building has the right solution!
Neon signs for every need, every business, every pocket.

Fundamental to every sector of work, neon signs are your business card. They are the first thing in sight for people passing by your office or shop.

Whether you are looking for traditional plexiglass signs, sliding neon signs, or, for those who feel eccentric, genuine vintage signs, Dielle Building is ready to meet every need, with custom-tailored products. Furthermore, we offer a 36-month warranty on the final installation.

Our Services: Before, in the meanwhile and… After!

As said, we are really affectionate to our customers. We want them to feel safe and not to worry about a thing, because WE WILL DO IT ALL!

Our solution are looked after at all stages: from survey to planning and installing the sign, from requesting authorizations to testing and upkeeping the final product.

Making your choice.... Neon writes and led signs

In comparison with the past, today’s tendency is to more and more go for LED signs. Despite that, Dielle Building proposes both new and old technology, to meet everyone’s needs.

Of course neon writes show to be useful to light up indoors and outdoors premises, smoothly spreading out their light.
In addition, with no need to necessarily afford a full substitution of your old lights, Dielle Building can, with a few modifies, install new LED tubes inside them.

But if you are going for new technology, please visit our webpage dedicated to LED SIGNS (where you can also find information about LED display).

Plexiglass Signs: features and advantages

A small clarification: what we usually know as Plexiglass is just plastic. It is technically called polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and its potential is virtually endless: in fact, it is a mix of functionality, practicality and aesthetics.

In particular, a very good transparency, united with a high grade of luminous transmission (up to 92%), make it particularly suitable to light design, for which it is the top of the range.

Plexiglass can be applied to a number of colours, thicknesses, frames and decorations, and it is extremely versatile too: it allows the realisation of the most diverse shapes and surfaces, meeting and perfectly matching with the various styles of contemporary design and concepts.

The Solution

Using the best of materials, Dielle Building is therefore ready to create top-of-the-range signs, and years of expertise and success – together with our own customers’ feedback –  are our best guarantee.

Some of our main customers:

  • Neon signs for bars
  • Neon signs for clothes shops
  • Neon signs for restaurants
  • Neon signs for pizza restaurants
  • Neon signs for hotels

Among our main neon signs:

  • One-sided ligh boxes
  • Two-sided ligh boxes (blade signs)
  • One-sided and two-sided channel lettered signs
  • Pylon signs
  • LED signs
  • LED displays
  • Wiry neon signs
  • Large installations (signs on roof-tops)
  • Industrial lighting
  • Cchannel letters
  • Inner signs

Neon signs costs...... Are they affordable?

People often believe that purchasing a high-quality product necessarily means high costs. It’s not always like that.

The prices of our plexiglass signs can meet every kind of need, and never renouncing quality: costs depend on several factors, but Dielle Building is able to satisfy every request and our experts will always find the right solution for you.

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