LED Signs

Deserving replacement for neon signs, LED lit signs are a new frontier of lighting, both for indoor and outdoor premises.

The ideal solution

Good-looking and money-saving, LED sign are the ideal solution for a more effective communication. Dielle Building offers a wide variety of proposals, among which:


  • custom-tailored LED signs
  • outdoor LED signs
  • indoor LED signs
  • sliding LED signs 
  • sliding LED displays, to be install on shop windows, indoors, or wherever you may need and like
  • LED lit letters, to be used dinamically whatsoever use you may need, indoors or outdoors, single letters or full words.


All signs are well visible, even from great distance, and professional, thanks to the latest technology we use, guaranteeing top efficiency.

How can LED signs reach excellent degrees of lighting even if having a lower luminous flux than neon signs?

Despite appearances, LED technology avoids light dispersion, lights up instantly and does not need any further reflecting surface (differently from neon). In addition, it does not produce calories, nor emits or contains any toxic elements and doesn’t need maintenance.

All of this results in a major efficiency, being equal the luminuos flux, to neon technology’s. As a consequence, LED turns out to be a cheaper and better performing option.

With a 50000 duration hours against a 10000 of neon, LED actually produces a remarkable reduction in energy consumption.

Last, but not least, choosing LED can later on be an important step to an energy renewal plan of a building.

LED lit signs: Prices

As already mentioned, pricing is an important aspect of LED technology.
Going LED is a certain investment, on a technology respectful of the environment and able to join quality and competitive prices.

Dielle Building produces and installs LED signs in every shape and colour, fitting all kind of use.

Request a quotation and we will show you how much money you will get to save in one year!

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