Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting is a strong points of Dielle Building’s.

Our Company commits to the market of neon signs, priding itself of high-efficiency technology, guaranteeing the best performances. Industrial lighting goes beyond traditional signs and involves sectors as hospitality and sales.

Big dimensions of their premises require big expertise, which Dielle Building can ensure.


Why is industrial lighting important?

What tells the difference between Industrial lighting and neon signs?

Large industry has several large spaces, this is why curating space with appropriate lighting is fundamental.

There are different kinds of warehouse, like those set for manufacturing: they need precise and suitable LED lighting designed for industrial warehouses. The same happens for storehouses, some hosting packagings, some working as simple deposits for stuff and materials. In addition to that, offices, outdoor premises, corridors and meeting spaces.

Each of them requires specific types of lighting, along with two factors which, over time, have revealed to be of great importance: first, consultants able to provide customers with the best solutions; second, ultimate lights, both as for design and technology.

Having a single interlocutor attending your lighting project is huge advantage, from both an economical point of view and from the practical one.

Wide range of products

For the industrial warehouses lighting, LED represents a remarkable saving option when the need is organising the whole lighting of premises.

Dielle Building follows the customer’s needs, together with the needs of the building to light up, producing fast and ready-to-use systems, which may consist of:


  • LED floodlights, in various models to custom-tailor premises, together with offering the highest energy efficiency
  • LED bars, efficient light source and specifically designed for smaller environments
  • Low and High bay floodlights, useful for storehouses, to obtain excellent light fluxes


Investing on Industrial lighting is critical, as it may determine a brand-new life for your business.

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