Precondition: In order to succeed it is necessary to understand that change is unavoidable.

Whether we speak of a brand or a company, the first word in your dictionary must be one: Update.
And the company image must be its primary target.

Dielle Building, counting on its will to satisfy the customer

is the best choice to achieve this goal, granting technology and reliability in every service offered.
Hence the decision to include, within its range, Company Rebranding.

What is company rebranding?

A brand, also known as “trademark”, is fundamental element, embodying the company itself, whose aim is imprinting itself on people’s minds. This does not always happens, or not fully at least (or even worse, it does but not as intended), and that is when you need to make a change: from an identity transformation, to just a variation in name, logo, or in the catchphrase.

All these possibilities are part of what is called rebranding: it is a marketing move, then, aiming at improving the company’s name by a substantial change of the elements visible and important to consumers, in order to enter the market with brand new style.

According to needs...

evolutive rebranding (partial) o revolutionary (complete), therefore it is possible to act towards a minimal update, just regarding the brand, or on a more ambitious purpose, involving the way of making business, turning what existing upside-down.

Of course, the choice needs to be made on a series of reasons linked to what the business stategies to use are (each strategy will undergo different levels of change), for this reason Dielle Building is ready to follow the customer in all stages of this change.

Why changing? Some examples of rebranding

The reasons why going for a change and modify the company’s image are several and tightly connected to the ever-changing needs of customers.

Starting a rebranding action is critical, especially when a brand has lost its good name and a new identity is needed to get new trust by customers. Sometimes, instead, a change is to be done as a result of consolidation, fusion or takeover.

To proove the validity of rebranding it is possible to observe some reknown examples, both on a product basis and on a company one

  • Costa Crociere (2015) – catchphrase rebranding: keeping the logo the same, a decision was made about changing commercial layouts, font and, above all, the story, counting on the Italianness of the company;

      “The Italian way to discover the world”

  • Google (1998) – name and graphics rebranding: Google, when it was baptized (1996), was called BackRub but the greatest change, all visible, is that of the graphics, punctually modified for each event or recurrence;


  • Yahoo! – name rebranding: at the time he was baptized (1995) he was called Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web (named of the creators: Jerry Yang), soon replaced by the acronym Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. At the beginning of 2017 we are talking again of a name change in Altaba, following the purchase of Verizon communications of the part of Yahoo! which includes advertising business, sites, mobile applications and e-mail (negotiation which, however, has not yet been completed);
  • Apple (throughout years) – logo rebranding: a choice made out of the will to sell the idea of difference from all other competitors (“Think different!”);
  • Pepsi (throughout years) – logo rebranding: aim at following the decade’s or current tendency and keeping fresh.

Advantages and phases: Dielle Building in action

If, after carefully assessing pros and cons, risks, investments and virtual income reachable through the change, you decide to take action, Dielle Building is definitely the best of choices. Their experts, according to a dedicated strategy, will support you along all phases to bring you to innovation.

A preparatory market survey, competitors analysis, assessment of weak and strong points, to achieve customers’ feedback, getting to a further step for defining the guidelines to build a brand new commercial identity.

Dielle Building’s experts will help you to carefully choose communication channels and the best way to make the most of them, to get to an effective rebranding action, which takes advantage of new technologies, properly and continuously using social networking tools and the latest advertising campaigns, with the fundamental aim of engaging your public.

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